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I think I'm losing all my friends. Is it normal?

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  • @Pk19 probelm no.1 - distracted by work

    It is not the work that distract it is our nature entails us do it again & again , ego is always have readymade excuse {even if person works in pmo , McKenzie , google find out to time planning weekend smartly can do wonders} ,although ofc time slot is fully packed & u genuinely don't find time to study , leave the job, study full time if passionate only for this otherwise leave preparation look out other prospect in jobs or related thing mba , own startup { don't live in dilemma that only upsc clearing gives meaning to your life , be aware about yourself what u really want }

    Probelm no.2 : preparing alone

    why u need anyone in physical to guide you already things r out there on digital platform , let give you my example since couple of months I was trying to study from home but doesn't help , so joined library to study so that I get environment where everybody is studying where u can't just to bed to sleep or starting watching YouTube for prolong time , but brother tell you one thing I don't talk to anyone day since I joined or wouldn't talk in near future because I know talking lead to friendship to lead constant engaging cause of focus deviation & I have no time to spare , preparing for next year for 3rd last attempt ,last attempt ( in mind , so give Whatever it takes ) more thing discipline way above than motivation never forget that

    So we only need friendship deviate oneself from study and relax,
    come back to study that u can do through other also in breaks meditate, watch & read something which act as guiding path to get better version of yourself , instrospect , join any test series , take self mentorship .

    To manage your schedule check the group created by ishwarya
    daily routine or you can msg me .

    Even after that you need someone and several others are here to talk and help you anytime.

  • @jina_the_conqueror Aao kbhi haveli (ORN) me!

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