Diverse application



Building & construction

Outer beauty...Inner strength

Hindalco’s extrusions have a superior surface finish with exact dimensions and meet all stringent quality standards. Superior appearance, resistance to weathering, better strength & easy fabrication make the extrusions ideal for designing magnificent, intricate, stable and lightweight structures for building and construction applications.

Hindalco’s Eternia Aluminium windows and Everlast Aluminium Structurals are the most trusted brands in their respective category.

Major Applcations

  • Windows (Sliding & Casement) / Doors
  • Partitions / Shop fronts
  • Hardware (Tower Bolts/Hinges/Door Handles)
  • Curtain Walls / Structural Glazing
  • False Ceiling
  • Northlight Glazing
  • Ladders
  • Exhibition Display
  • Furniture / Modular Systems
  • Hand Railings / Stairs / Balusters
  • Expanded Grills
  • Venetian Blinds & Curtain Rails
  • Formwork
Automotive & transport

Lighter weight...Greater fuel efficiency

Hindalco extrusions with their superior alloy composition, metallurgical & mechanical properties are ideal for a number of applications in Automotive & Transport segment. A wide array of profiles and standards produced through well established quality control process & superior post extrusion practices makes them the ideal choice for making the most precise automobile & transport components.


  • Automobile - Brakes & ignition, Transmission & suspension, Cooling & Exhaust systems, Automobile components
  • Road Transport - Bus windows, flooring & structurals, Ornamentals & Accessories, truck & trailer components
  • Marine Applications —Boats, jetty etc.
  • Railways-Coaches & Wagons, Braking system
Electrical & electronics

Greater power...Better carrier

Hindalco extrusions are made from billets having superior alloy composition, tight Fe control and metallurgical properties to ensure combination of guarranteed electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. Thus making these Extrusions ideally suited, preferred and trusted for a variety of electrical applications like Power generation and transmission, Electrical & Electronic applications etc..


  • Bus bars for Control Panels
  • Tubular bus bars for Switch yards
  • Bus ducts
  • Motor bodies
  • Heat sinks
  • Transmission hardware
  • Light fixtures
  • Solar panel frames
  • Electrical and Electronic components
Industrial machinery

Consistent quality...Superior machining

Hindalco extrusions are manufactured for making the most precise industrial machinery components. Hindalco’s well-controlled homogenising facility for billets ensures consistent metallurgical quality. The extruded sections also go through PLC controlled solution heat treatment/ artificial ageing. These proper & well controlled heat treatments impart superior mechanical properties and thereby superior machinability for varied industrial machinery applications.


  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Heat exchangers
  • Actuators
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Textile machinery components
  • General engineering components

ted to a variety of applications like covering and wrapping food.

Consumer durables

Light weight...Higher comfort

Light weight, excellent appearance, adaptability to all forms of fabrication, excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation property makes Hindalco extrusions an ideal solution for household consumer durables.

Major Applcations

  • Pressure cookers
  • Fans
  • Knitting needles
  • Novelties
  • Furniture
  • Photo frames
  • Moulded luggage
Defence / Aerospace

Higher strength...More durability

Hindalco extrusions is a perfect choice for applications in very strategic areas, relating to Defence and Space. In Defence, choice of hard alloys for hollow and solid profiles, high strength and high weldability puts Hindalco as the leading aluminium extrusions provider for this segment. Hindalco takes pride in its contribution to the nation through this segment.

Major Applcations

  • Aerospace & Defence components
  • Assault bridges
  • Main battle tanks
  • Missiles & weaponry systems
  • Landing mats

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